Invert Systems

Monolithic Primary Invert System

•Single Pour

•Easily Adaptable to Existing Equipment

•Provides a Smooth Uniform Channel

•Simple to Use

•Time Efficient

Tru-Contour Secondary Invert System

•Quality and Dimensional Accuracy

•Configured to Any Angle

•Set Up in Fifteen Minutes or Less

•Built with Tough Thermoplastic Materials

•Available in Sizes 4''-48''

The Cart

•Organized Method of Storing or Transporting Equipment

•Supports Lean 5S Principles

•Large Rubber Wheels for Ease of Transportation

Magnetic Angle Tape Measure

•Can be Safely Used in the Field. Suitable for Potable Water Systems. Meets NSF/ANSI Standard 61

•Clean and Neat to Use, Easy to Apply

•Lowers Coupling Pressure Making Installation Easier

Invert System Protractor

•Used for Accurately Measuring Angles

•Measures 0°- 360° Clockwise or Counter Clockwise