A-LOK Premium Product Specification

A flexible pipe to manhole connector shall be used whenever a pipe pentrates into a precast concrete manhole or structure. The connector shall be the A-LOK Premium Connector as manufactured by A-LOK Products, Inc., Tullytown, PA or approved equal.

The design of the connector shall provide a flexible, watertight seal between the pipe and concrete structure. The connector shall assure that a seal is made between:

1. The connector and the structure wall by casting the connector integrally with the structure wall during the manufacturing process in a manner that it will not pull out during pipe coupling. The connector shall also be capable of being cast into a round structure by curving the connector in a manner that allows it to remain centrally located within the structure wall and perpendicular to the pipe. This configuration will result in no loss of seal or deflection of pipe entering a concrete structure.

2. The seal between the connector and the pipe shall be made by the compression of the connector between the outside circumference of the factory installed smooth oversleeve of a corrugated pipe or the smooth surface of a traditional pipe and the interior hole opening of the structure. The connector shall be the only component to affect the seal between the pipe and structure.

The connector shall be made from materials that conform to the physical and Section 4, "Materials and Manufacture" of ASTM C-923 and F-2510 "Standard Specification for Resilient Connectors Between Reinforced Concrete Manhole Structures and Laterals", and the overall design will meet or exceed Section 7, "Test Methods and Requirements" of ASTM C-923 and F-2510.

This connector shall be sized specifically for the type of pipe being used and shall be installed in accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer.