XR® QuikLiner Chemically Resistant Precast Concrete Liner System

The XR QuikLiner is a chemically-resistant Precast Concrete Liner System. Pre-fabricated to fit your forms, the welded seams create a watertight barrier to extend the lifespan of concrete products. XR QuikLiner was created as a fast and affordable way for manufacturers of precast concrete products to offer superior protection against fats, oils, and grease by providing a cast-in physical barrier to moisture, damage, corrosion and irritants. XR QuikLiner technology offers a liner that provides 100% attachment to the concrete and the ability to make unique shapes.

•Extreme Chemical Resistance

    •High Strength


•Low Thermal Expansion/Contraction

•UV Resistance


XR QuikLiner™ is ideal for applications such as grease interceptors, process water/holding tanks, septic tanks and other applications where corrosion and chemical resistance is a major concern. For projects requiring NSF-61 listed liners for the containment of potable water, please contact us.


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