The Z-LOK Connector is a flexible pipe to manhole connector specifically engineered to produce a positive watertight seal for pipes entering precast concrete structures and the structure itself. The Z-LOK Connector is manufactured to meet or exceed all material and test requirements set forth in ASTM C-923, ASTM C-1478, ASTM C-1644 and ASTM F-2510.



•Assures a positive watertight connection and provides up to 25° omni-directional deflection and 1.50" of vertical or horizontal movement without loss of seal, providing greater flexibility in the design and installation of pipelines and structure

•The inner rubber O-ring design eliminates rubber wrinkling, compensating for pipe irregularity and wall thickness ensuring a watertight seal

•The unique bi-directional design permits the Z-LOK CONNECTOR take-down clamp to be fastened from either inside or outside of the structure. Once fastened, immediate backfilling is possible enhancing project safety and overcomes the normal problems encountered with water, running sand and other unstable trench conditions

•These design features of the Z-LOK CONNECTOR prevent infiltration due to shear caused by settlement or ground movement