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In the early 1970's, the primary concern of the wastewater construction industry was watertightness. At that time, as it is now, precast concrete was recognized as the construction material best able to provide strength and durability in underground structures. The key however, to protecting public health and safety as well as the local environment was a watertight connection between pipeline and structure. In order to address this need, the original A-LOK connector design was conceived. From this original connector evolved A-LOK Products, Incorporated, a company created in order to meet the widespread demand for such patented innovations in watertight technology.

Recognizing that supplying customers with a quality product as a means to success, A-LOK set forth with a single commitment; to develop ecologically-responsive wastewater products that are solutions for both our customers and the industry. In the last 45 years, ever-changing demands in the sanitary sewer industry have led A-LOK to develop and offer a wide range of new products. These include flexible pipe-to-manhole connectors for all applications, plastic inserts and seals for manhole entries and joints, forming for manhole inverts, corrosion resistant linings, lubricants and sealants.

The beginning of a new century has provided A-LOK an opportunity to create watertight storm water systems that will contribute to preserving the environment and improving infrastructure for future generations. With the support of talented human resources, a commitment to innovative design, superior craftsmanship and outstanding customer service, today A-LOK is synonymous with watertight quality in underground structures throughout the industry.

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