We Keep the Water Where You Want It


Here at A-LOK Products, we want everyone to understand the magnitude of water related energy use and evaluate the potential to reduce carbon emission through water conservation, efficiency, re-use and development strategies. Exfiltration of water from a sanitary system may result in contaminates polluting a stream or the ground water itself. Air emissions of methane and nitrogen greenhouse gas released from the system can also impact the environment. Leaking joints and pipe penetrations also permits infiltration of fines resulting in expensive road repairs and blocked sewers. The inflow of fertilizer from farm fields, contaminated industrial sites and chemicals flushed off roadways into combined sewer systems can endanger downstream water quality, wildlife and their habitats. Clean water that enters a system increases the amount of water being treated which increases the cost and energy being used which all means a larger carbon footprint for the owner.  Watertight sanitary and stormwater conveyance systems can help keep the water where we want it!
In addition to this effort to sustain water quality, we here at A-LOK Products strive to prevent waste of useful materials by recycling plastic, cardboard, paper, wooden skids, PVC, Ink, electronics and more to keep our footprint as small as possible.