Miscellaneous Supplies

Vertite Elastomeric Seals

•High Quality Rubber Extrusions for any Watertight Application

•Seals Designed for Round, Elliptical or Box Structures and Pipelines

•Custom Compounds Available Upon Request

Avanti Grout Repair Sealants

•Durable, Versatile and Flexible Foam or Gel

•Excellent for Use in Heavy or Light Flow Conditions as Well as Under Water

•Contains No Solvents

•Excellent Bonding Capabilities

Butyl-LOK Sealant Systems

•Butyl Sealants, Tapes, Wraps, Cartridges, Pumpable and Trowelable Grade

•Remains Flexible and Forms Permanent Bonds With Concrete, Metals and Plastics

•Excellent Resistance to Environmental Temperature Extremes and Acid or Alkaline Conditions

GrandSlam Lube

•Can be Safely Used in the Field. Suitable for Potable Water Systems. Meets NSF/ANSI Standard 61

•Clean and Neat to Use, Easy to Apply

•Lowers Coupling Pressure Making Installation Easier


BonDuit Concrete Adhesive

•Fast Acting, High Strength Adhesive

•Bonds to Polyethylene, PVC, Steel, Fiberglass and Concrete

•Withstands Movement and Vibration

WBAC (Water-Based Anti-Corrosive)

•Protects All Steel Equipment

•Anti-Corrosion from the Elements

•Spray, Roll, Wipe or Brush On

•Can Act as a Form Release

•Enhances Concrete Finish

•Safer than Alternative Products


Foaming Hammer

•Heavy Duty Concrete Remover

•Foam on Equipment or Soak Tools in a Bath

•Green Product, Safe & Strong

•Non-Corrosive, Apply and Forget

•Apply and Forget

•Safer than Alternative Products