A-LOK Premium for Stormwater and Wastewater Applications

The A-LOK Premium™ is a flexible compression connector which will provide a guaranteed watertight seal between the pipe and the wall of a concrete structure. The A-LOK Premium™ is manufactured to meet or exceed all material and test requirements set forth in ASTM C-923, ASTM C-478 and ASTM F-2510.

A-LOK Premium™ instantaneously reacts and redistributes its viscoelastic dynamic core material to maintain its circumferential sealing pressure. The core of the connector is filled with a blend of materials which provides a controllable and dynamic viscose fluid within the connector. This material will remain equally distributed throughout the core of the connector, so in the event of short-term or long-term settlement of the pipe begins to occur, the core material will react by redistributing and equalizing the blended materials to maintain its proper sealing compression.


•The A-LOK Premium™ is the best connector ever made backed by the A•LOK® Watertight Guarantee

    •Functions on pure compression. After the pipe is beveled and the connector and pipe are cleaned and lubricated, the pipe is simply centered in the connector and inserted. Backfilling can be done immediately, thus enhancing project safety and overcoming the typical problems of water, running sand and other unstable trench conditions

•Efficient geometry of the profile lowers the coupling force required to insert the pipe into both radius and flat wall connector designs

•Increased nominal pipe diameter tolerance over conventional compression connector designs while still maintaining up to 10° of omnidirectional axial deflection

•Available in a range of sizes from 12” through 102” utilizing existing A-LOK mandrels

•Like other A•LOK connectors on larger-diameter pipe where size prohibits a gasket from being installed in a flat plane, the A-LOK Premium™ can be configured for casting in a curve with the connector staying perpendicular to the center line of the pipe, which assures no loss of compression or deflection


A-LOK Premium™ has successfully been tested to ASTM C-923 requirements and ASTM F-2510 deflection requirements of 5% without loss of seal.