The INSERTA-LOK is a flexible pipe-to-manhole connectors specifically engineered to produce a positive watertight seal for pipes entering precast concrete structures and the structure itself. The INSERTA-LOK Connector is manufactured to meet or exceed the requirements set forth in ASTM C-923 and ASTM C-1478.



•Functions on pure compression making field installation quick and easy. Clean and lubricate both connector and pipe, center pipe in connector, and insert

•The connector provides a tapered profile which enhances coupling characteristics by allowing final compression to be gradual, thereby reducing the overall coupling force

•Can be installed in a precision cast or cored opening as a mainline connector for new construction, a retrofit or a tie-in for new construction

•Provides over 7° of omnidirectional deflection to eliminate infiltration and shear due to settlement or ground movement. This flexibility permits immediate backfill enhancing project safety, and overcoming the problems normally encountered with water, running sand and other unstable trench conditions