A-LOK Mandrels, Hole Formers and Tools


•Holds the Rubber Connector in Place During the Pouring of a Concrete Structure

•Custom Made from Metal or Fiberglass

•Magnetic, Center Bolt, Inside or Outside Slide Mounts

•Available for Curved or Flat Wall Structures

Hole Formers

•Low-Draft and High-Draft Designs

•Made From Steel or Fiberglass

•Wedged and Tapered Designs

•Available for Curved or Flat Wall Structures

A-LOK Magnetic Angle Tape Measure
Magnetic Angle Tape Measure

•Fast and Accurate

•Magnetic Backing Conforms to Mold

•Eliminates Converting Angles to Inches

•Saves Time and Money

•Available in 48''-144'' Diameter

Stud Closures & Mandrel Trim

•Plastic Plugs to Fill 13/16'' Holes in Forms

•Rubber Profile to be Attached to the Outside of a Mandrel to Seal Loose Spots in the Mold

•Eliminates Concrete Bleed-Through

Mandrel Installation Grips
Mandrel Installation Grips & Stand

•Promotes Proper Connector Installation

•Helps Mount A-LOK X-CEL, Premium and STM Connectors Safely

•Reduces Set-up Labor

Mandrel Storage System
Mandrel Storage System

•Supports Lean 5s Principles

•Protects Mandrels from Damage

•Saves Time and Money