The QUIK-LOK BOOT CONNECTOR is a flexible pipe-to-manhole connector specifically engineered to produce a positive watertight seal for pipes entering precast concrete structures and the structure itself. The QUIK-LOK CONNECTOR is manufactured to meet or exceed all material and test requirements set forth in ASTM C-923, ASTM C-1478, ASTM C-1644 and ASTM F-2510.



•Assures a positive watertight connection and provides up to 20° degrees omni-directional deflection and 1.00" of vertical or horizontal movement without loss of seal. This deflection permits pipe to structure settling without damage to the pipe or loss of the watertight seal and will also allow for many angles of incoming pipe

•The takedown clamp travels in the installation position from the time it leaves A•LOK, while it is cast in the structure and until it arrives at the job site. After pulling out the connector it’s in position to be tightened around the pipe on the outside of the structure

•Immediate backfilling is then possible, enhancing project safety and overcomes the problems encountered with water, running sand and other unstable trench conditions

•Can be installed into concrete structures in the plant or with a field sleeve for cast-in-place, at the job site. Once installed in the concrete structure and ready to ship, the QUIK-LOK CONNECTOR travels in the cast in position to prevent damage during shipping and handling