A-LOK STM for Stormwater

The A-LOK STM is a flexible pipe-to-manhole connector designed for the prevention of soil and water infiltration into stormwater sewer systems. This minimizes the chance of pothole formation and sediment build-up in the storm system, saving states and municipalities money over the life of the structure. It can be used with round, elliptical and arch shaped pipes for curved and flat wall structures. The A-LOK STM was designed to meet or exceed the ASTM C-1478 standards.



•Functions on pure compression, making field installation quick and easy. Just clean and lubricate the connector and pipe, bevel pipe, center the pipe in the connector, and insert. This rapid installation permits immediate backfilling, enhancing project safety and overcomes the normal problems encountered with water, running sand and other unstable trench conditions. This results in shorter job projections, while mininizing traffic interruption and cost overruns

•Provides up to 10° of omnidirectional deflection which allows the connector to compensate for shear due to settlement or ground movement preventing water and soil infiltration into the sewer system

•Available for 8" diameter and larger pipes and can be used with both round or elliptical shaped pipes installed into curved or flat wall structures

•Can be configured for casting in a curve with the connector staying perpendicular to the center line of the pipe while causing no loss of compression or deflection