Tru-Contour Secondary Invert Forming System

The Tru-Contour Secondary Invert Forming System offers the manhole producer a very durable, systematic and versatile method of forming all invert configurations from 4” through 48” diameter. Two, three and four way configurations including dead end combinations with a standard .2 ft. of elevation difference (fall) can be made easy and rapidly without the need for skilled labor.



•Versatile: four basic wedges create an unlimited number of combinations of any angle within 1.5 degrees

•Consistent: dimensional accuracy provided with flexibility to effectively form an invert which aligns perfectly with the entering pipeline

•Cuts costly labor both in set-up and concrete finishing time

•Durable: made with thermoplastic materials


Cleaning your tools safely with the most aggresive concrete equipment cleaner on the market, Foaming Hammer.