Tru-Contour Secondary Invert System The A-LOK X-CEL flexible pipe-to-manhole connector was designed to produce a guaranteed watertight seal between a pipe and a concrete structure. Performance watertight connector for wastewater, storm, and light industrial demand ranging in size from 4 ¼ " to 102". Designed to meet ASTM C-923, ASTM C-478 and ASTM C-1644 standards.



•Prevents infiltration and ex-filtration into wastewater or stormwater systems

•Installed in the precast structure in a way that does not require coring or placement after the base component is cast which eliminates residual waste from coring, disposal of the slugs or wasted raw material utilization or energy

•Once cast-in, the connector becomes an integral component of the structure wall

•Designed with a patented “water pocket” which utilizes the untapped pressure of ground water to exert a clamping force around the connector and pipe, allowing the connector to perform in deeper installations

•Unique design provides 45% more rubber contact with the pipe, while still allowing up to 10° of omnidirectional pipe deflection